Silk Stockings Have Arrived for 2021

Wow! Just wow! When even we had given up on finding the right style and feel, along come these fabulous luxury stockings. A blend of nylon and silk, they are made on the traditional machines, featuring raised seams, cuban, (yes,Ā cuban!) heels, reinforced toe and sole and the trademark keyhole welts. Sized as S-M and M-L, they are available in five colours: champagne, copper, noir, grey and white.

They are available in our Etsy store and will shortly be available on the website.

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We thought it was about time we collated all our activities into one site which would, in turn, serve as the portal for our eBay sites, social media, websites and shops where you can buy our wonderful stockings, tights, lingerie, corsets, high heels and accessories. There are photo galleries and pages where you can locate the best way to buy. Don’t forget, you can also come into our store in Chelmsford where you can actually see, touch and feel how sensual our products are.